At some point during the search for audio, my son — who is well-attuned to my musical tastes after years of car rides to and from school — was concerned something was wrong. He’s currently a junior in high school and big into band (All-State trumpet), so I explained what I was doing and asked him to create some music for the demo. If you check out the default playlist, the two songs by Jay Garcia are his. I’m impressed with the results considering he hadn’t used GarageBand before.

Just as there have never been so many opinions at your disposal as a listener, there have never been so many quality opinions at your disposal. There have never been so many well-informed and well-articulated opinions at your disposal, and the barrier to entry is no longer employment at a newspaper or magazine but the […]

Process is the means by which scary ideas lose their intimidation. Process is about dividing a project into manageable chunks. “If the process is sound,” says writer and editor William Zinsser, “the product will take care of itself.”