Mark Erelli — “These Cold Fingers”

Milltowns by Mark Erelli

For his latest release, Milltowns, Mark Erelli covered several Bill Morrissey songs. The whole thing is worth checking out, but “These Cold Fingers” gets me, especially this last verse:

The dog can’t move no more
Surprised he made it till the spring
His pain won’t go away
And the pills don’t do a thing
You’ve known that old hound longer
Than you’ve known any of your friends
And no matter how you let him down
He’ll always take you back again
So it’s one tall glass of whiskey
One last drink for old times’ sake
The dog just lays in bed
And watches every move you make
Wrap him in his blanket
Hold him once more close to you
Lead him out behind the barn
With a borrowed .22

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